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About Hepworth Dixon

Conway StewartVintage fountain pens are meticulously restored to period working order from our Old Newton studio and workshop. We use specialist machinery, handmade traditional tools and materials.
We pride ourselves in our product photography, providing up to 20 high-resolution images of each project.
Founder of Hepworth Dixon, Dr Michael Knott has over forty years experience in precision engineering, design and materials technology.

Hepworth Dixon also repair and service a wide range of classic fountain pens from the period, 1970 to 1999. A collection of modern contemporary fountain pens dating from 2000 to present day is also available.

Hepworth Dixon is a private independent company offering competitive prices and a personal service.

"It is said that with a treasured fountain pen, the writer assumes an air of accomplishment as they practice the art of fine handwriting. As we write, we express our innermost thoughts and passions to the world. A pen in the hand becomes an extension of the body and soul. Writing with a fountain pen is a romantic link to our past culture that allows a personal expression that cannot be emulated by today’s sterile forms of communication. Rising above the times a fountain pen will stay, and forever remain, the purest means of self-expression."


The Fountain Pen

Writing instruments with the ability to carry a self-contained supply of ink were only introduced in the late 1800's. Lewis Waterman patented the first "practical” fountain pen in 1884, a design which allowed the controlled flow from an ink reservoir to nib tip.

For 65 years, prior to the introduction of the ballpoint pen in the early 1950's, fountain pens were, to most people, the main instrument of writing.

A resurgence in fountain pen popularity came in the 1980’s, unfortunately too late to save many fountain pen manufacturers who met their demise as a consequence of thinking ballpoint pens were a fad. A few of those casualties included; Conklin, Eversharp, De La Rue, Mabie Todd, Burnham, Mentmore, National Security, Stephens, Unique, Curzon, Summit, Croxley Dickinson and Valentine.


Why buy a vintage fountain pen?

Why would someone wish to buy an old fountain pen? Simply because they are beautiful writing instruments made of such high quality that would be uneconomical to produce nowadays. Some designs were extremely complex and ornate while others were very plain and simple.

Today there are many collectors from all over the world who enjoy this diversity of design and the pure pleasure of cursive writing with a fine vintage fountain pen. A restored fountain pen can quickly become a prized possession. 


Pens offered for sale

Pens offered for sale are divided into three categories:
  • Vintage - Pens manufactured pre-1970.
  • Classic - Pens manufactured after 1970 which are no longer in production.
  • Limited Edition - Limited, Special and Commemorative Edition Fountain Pens
Please note: Where it is not possible to date precisely year of manufacture, we will provide dates when a model was introduced and sub sequentially ceased production.

Many of the pens we restore were originally produced by well-known manufacturers, some of whom are still trading. Brands such as Parker, Sheaffer, Montblanc, Pelikan, Waterman’s, Onoto and Conway Stewart. We must point out that Hepworth Dixon has no affiliation to, or are endorsed by these companies.

Our Promise

All pens are sold in full working order, our descriptions provide details of pen and nib, overall condition and what, if any, restoration work or repairs have been carried out.

We never knowingly sell fake or reproduction items.

As with all items of age, vintage pens are susceptible to various degrees of wear and ageing. If you have any doubts, please ask any questions before purchasing.



 Our pen Photography

We believe that a picture ‘tell’s a thousand words’. All pens offered for sale on this site have been carefully photographed to show as much detail as possible ‘warts and all’.
Many macro images will have had their backgrounds digitally removed for image clarity. Obvious dust spots may also have been removed. We do not digitally enhance our images to remove evidence of flaws, blemishes or surface defects which may be apparent.
Currently, the Hepworth Dixon website contains over 5000 fountain pen images.
Montblanc Meisterstuck 149 Fountain Pen


Contacting Us

We welcome enquiries relating to vintage and classic pens featured on this site. Please click here for our contact details.

Passionate about Pens ...

"If you share my passion for vintage and classic fountain pens, originally created in a bygone era, you will appreciate the meticulous attention to detail which has been lovingly applied during the restoration process.”

Please visit our constantly updated Vintage Pens for Sale or Classic Pens for Sale pages where you will find classic models from a variety of manufacturers. Some of the many restored and already sold pens can be viewed in the Archive Gallery.

Do you have an old pen you would like to sell?

We are always on the lookout for quality used vintage and classic fountain pens that require service or restoration. If you have such a pen and wish to sell it; irrespective of age, condition or make, contact us via e.mail including a couple of images. We may be able to offer a price based on a sensible market value.

Definition of our pens condition ....

PM = Pristine Mint. Untouched, unfilled. No marks or spots whatsoever. Crisp colour. Never filled. This condition rarely exists. Absolute perfect condition.

M = Mint. Perfect condition. No marks, spots or brassing. Crisp colour and shiny finish on plastic pens. No discolouration. Working condition. These pens can be filled. Non filled pens should be noted. NOS pens should be in Mint condition.

NM = Near Mint. An excellent pen, but with parts of duller finish or nearly invisible surface scratches. No brassing, virtually a Mint pen, but with small signs of usage.

VF or EX = Very Fine or Excellent. Visible, but not accented surface scratches or parts of dull finish. More accented scratches where the cap goes on the section and body. Otherwise fully functional and crisp finish with no brassing.

FN = Fine. Visible surface scratches or dull finish. Signs of wear on the nib or light discolouration of the section or around filling lever or button filler. Light brassing or small lip crack. Clear signs of usage, but still a better than average pen. 

VG = Very Good. Some scratches and dull finish. Signs of everyday usage on nib or body. Brassing, light all over discolouration. Minute lip or body cracks. Loose cap rings or body rings. A used pen in average condition.

G = Good. Scratches, dull finish. Nib and body well used. Brassing, discolouration. Small lip or body cracks. Light cap or blind-cap misfit. Loose cap rings or body rings. Worse than average condition, but still a fully functional pen.

F = Fair. Severe scratches and marks. Severe brassing. Discolouration. Small lip or body cracks. Cap or blind-cap misfit. Loose cap or body rings. Still functional, or functional with light attention.


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