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Montblanc 'Patron of Art' Limited Editions - 888 Series

In the spring of each year Montblanc has issued a strictly Limited Edition "Patron of Art” fountain pen as a tribute to the most important patrons of art and culture in the past centuries. They are limited to 4810 pieces. In addition, from 1995 an even more precious limited edition of only 888 pieces was introduced. This page covers the 888 fountain pen editions only.
The Prince Regent
Montblanc ‘The Prince Regent’ Fountain Pen: Limited to 888 pieces

The Patron of Art Edition 1995 The Prince Regent pays tribute to this British king and patron of the arts with a pen truly regal appearance. A fascinating fretwork pattern made of 750 solid gold winds over the deep blue precious resin barrel of the pen. The cap is decorated by a crown whose delicate composition recalls the keen eye for detail of royal craftsmen of the past. The Crown is decorated by seven rubies and three diamonds. The 18 carat gold nib , is decorated with a fine engraving of this insignia of the British monarchy in the Regency period. 

Montblanc ‘Semiramis’ Fountain Pen: Limited to 888 pieces

Montblanc honors Queen Semiramis, who united Babylon and Assyria. Crafted of black precious resin overlaid with a lattice of 18 karat solid gold. Finely-detailed red lacquer inlays and a diamond (full cut, 56 faceted, of 0.20 carats) accented clip finish this fine instrument. 18K gold nib with Egyptian motif.

Peter I The Great
Montblanc ‘Peter I The Great’ Fountain Pen: Limited to 888 pieces

The fine gold work of the Patron of Art Edition Peter I The Great reflects the splendid court of the Russian Tsar. Laurel wreaths and artful white gold ornamentation surround the dark green barrel. The cap top is decorated with precious emeralds. The double-headed eagle, a motif the rich iconography of the Tsarist era, is directly involved in the 18-karat gold nib engraving.

Catherine II The Great
Montblanc ‘Catherine II The Great’ Fountain Pen: Limited to 888 pieces

The splendidly ornamented Patron of Art Edition Catherine II. The Great commemorates the great era of the Russian Empire. 750K solid rose gold ornamentation featuring blossom wreath motifs adorns the aubergine coloured barrel. 18 carat gold nib, into which the symbol of the Russian monarchy, the double-headed eagle, is engraved.
Alexander The Great
Montblanc ‘Alexander The Great’ Fountain Pen: Limited to 888 pieces

With this Limited Edition Montblanc honoured the young king of Macedonia who enriched the world with the achievements of Greek culture, and whose legacy is known as the era of Hellenism. The delicate engraving on the nib depicts the head of a ram,the symbol of the god Ammon. The solid gold cap with its fine fluting is modelled on a column from the time of Hellenism, above lotus flowers are ornamented with green lacquer. The body, ennobled by green marble lacquer and imbued with fine gold veins.

Friedrich II The Great
Montblanc ‘Friedrich II The Great’ Fountain Pen: Limited to 888 pieces

The Montblanc Patron of Art Edition 1999, Friedrich The Great pays tribute to this Prussian king. His efforts laid the foundations which allowed Prussia and Berlin, to become one of the key cultural centres in Europe. The hand-crafted barrel is made of 750 white gold and features two finely crafted bands of 950 platinum decorated with a pattern of interlinking arches. The ring on the top of the cap and the elegant clip are also made of 750 white gold. The 18 carat gold nib displays the engraved royal signature "Fredericus Rex". An ingenious mechanism allows the nib to be withdrawn inside the writing instrument.


Montblanc Karl Der Grosse
Montblanc ‘Karl der Grosse, Hommage à Charlemagne' Fountain Pen: Limited to 888 pieces

Charlemagne united the ideals of Classical antiquity with the intellectual inheritance of the Germanic world. 18K solid white gold, spiral twist, cap band & clip set with garnets. 18K two-toned gold nib with regal motif.


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