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Pilot Namiki Make-e Double Crane Togidashi Hira Fountain Pen. Japan 2011

Pilot Namiki Make-e Double Crane Togidashi Hira Fountain Pen. Japan 2011
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Pilot Namiki Togidashi Hira Maki-e Double Crane - Urushi Lacquer Coated Brass Barrel and Cap Fountain Pen. Model Number: FK 5MP - SK - M. Japan 2011. Brand New in Box with Papers.

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Pilot Namiki Maki-e Double Crane Limited Edition Fountain Pen

Pilot Namiki Togidashi Maki-e Double Crane Urushi Lacquer on Metal (Brass) Fountain Pen, Signed by artisan. Model: FK 5MP SK-M. Made in Japan c. 2011. Designer: Sei Katsuda. New Old Stock, in box with papers.
'Maki-e', Meaning "sprinkled picture", it is a highly respected traditional Japanese hand applied decoration process with more than one thousand five hundred years of history. It is regarded as the top of the Japanese decorative crafts on many different materials. Precious materials such as Gold, Silver, Enamel, Abalone shell (mother of pearl) etc. are combined and applied by hand by specialised accredited MAKI-E artists with traditional Urushi lacquers to represent a variety of traditional Japanese art, and culture. Maki-e require very traditional techniques which can only be applied by truly experienced Japanese craftsman who have historical family skills and pride such traditional art forms and true craftsmanship.
'Togidashi Hira Maki-e' (Burnished Maki-e) After drawing a pattern or design with urushi lacquer and sprinkling gold and coloured enamel powder on top of it. On top of the sprinkled powder you apply another layer of lacquer over the entire surface of the pen. After drying it, you polish the lacquer with charcoal in order to make the underlying maki-e layer visible and raised again.

'Double Crane' Throughout Asia, the crane is a symbol of happiness and eternal youth. In Japan, the crane is one of the mystical or holy creatures (others include the dragon and the tortoise) and symbolises good fortune and longevity because of its fabled life span of a thousand years.

Large 14K gold nib stamped 'PILOT - 14K-585 - 10 - < M > - 1012'. The nib, which is made by Pilot in Japan and is stamped (M) tends to produce a finer line than European nib categories. The nib writes a smooth fine line and is fairly firm.
Pilot Namiki Maki-e Double Crane Limited Edition Fountain Pen
Measurements and Specifications

Material: Cap and body - Urushi Lacquer on brass
Closed Length: 5.6"(142 mm)
Posted Length: 6.14" (156 mm) 
Barrel Length (including nib and section): 5.01" (129 mm)
Cap Length: 2.6" (66 mm)
Cap Diameter: 0.55" (14.1 mm)
Barrel Diameter: 0.46" (11.7 mm)
Nib: 14K Gold - Medium Writing Tip (Writes Fine)
Filling System: Pump Action Cartridge Convertor (Included)
Cap Type: Screw On/Off (can be posted onto rear of barrel)
Pen Weight: 32.0 grams

Pilot Namiki Maki-e Double Crane Limited Edition Fountain Pen

No service or restoration required, pen is NOS. We have dip write tested the nib and flushed with clean water.

General Condition

Pen barrel and cap are as new with no personalisation. Gold plating to clip and trim shows no signs of ware. Lacquer has high gloss sheen. Fitted piston convertor. We would classify this pen as being in mint condition. Pen is supplied in original Pilot packaging, consisting of; display box, outer card box, unopened bottle of Pilot ink, filling instruction leaflet and Pilot information leaflet.

Hepworth Comment

This Pilot Namiki Gold Togidashi Maki-e Sun Phoenix was purchased whilst on a business trip (nothing to do with pens) to Japan in 2011. What makes this pen truly special is the rare signature: Sei Katsuda . He was born in 1920, graduated from Tokyo Art University in 1939 and entered Pilot in 1953. His father was a legendary maki-e artist. Pilot have also thought of the detail in this pen, for example, there is a felt insert to the cap which prevents marking of the enamel body when cap is posted.
About Pilot Namiki
Ryosuke Namiki, the founder of Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 1918, was an alumni and professor of Tokyo Nautical School . He successfully invented a gold writing tip for fountain pens. Namiki's success owed to the collaboration from his friend and classmate Masao Wada. In 1938, Namiki Manufacturing Co., Ltd was changed to the Pilot Pen Co., Ltd., as the company grew. Pilot Corporation, the historical parent company of the PILOT group has headquarter in Kyobashi in Tokyo . Khobashi is one of the famous and prestigious districts of capital Tokyo ."Zen and the Art of Pen Making." As the oldest and largest manufacturer of writing instruments in Japan , Pilot maintains a Zen-like philosophy.  
The consistent high quality of Pilot products results from Pilot's control over all aspects of production. Obsessive craftspeople at heart, they design and manufacture their own dies, moulds and machine tools to ensure that every Pilot performs perfectly. Outside of Japan, Pilot Company has branches or franchises in 40 countries in Europe, USA , Brazil , Taiwan and Singapore . Pilot pen's are famous all over the world and people consider Pilot pens as a good collectables.




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