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W A.Sheaffer was running a successful jewellery business in Fort Madison, USA. In 1907 he came up with the idea of making a lever filling fountain pen. From the back of his store he developed a lever and pressure bar system to deflate a rubber sac, with the lever fitting smoothly into a recess in the pen barrel. This design was patented in 1908, it was not until 1912 that  Sheaffer patented an improved design and went into the pen business full time. In 1913 the WA.Sheaffer Pen Company was incorporated. The Shaeffer Pen Company has a long and rich history full of technical firsts, innovative design, and business success.
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Sheaffer PFM Mk.III Vintage Fountain Pen in Green Resin with Gold Filled Trim. U.S.A. c.1959

Sheaffer PFM Mk III Snorkel Filling Fountain Pen in Burgundy - USA Early 1960's

Sheaffer PFM Mk III Snorkel Filling Fountain Pen in Classic Black - USA Early 1960's


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