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The history of Parker pens can be traced back to the end of the nineteenth century, when the Parker company was founded. Established in 1888 by a former telegraphy teacher George S. Parker, whose philosophy was to 'build a better pení, Parker is a world renowned producer of fine writing instruments. The insight and commitment of its founder led Parker pens to become a global leader and an icon in the history of writing instruments.

Parker patented his first fountain pen in 1892, and the Parker Pen Company emerged. In the following years through Parker's endless determination and passion for innovation the brand developed further supported by the founder's constant drive for excellence. Parker is famous for its innovative technologies and designs. The first major innovative break-through came in 1894 with the invention of the Lucky Curve - a break-through ink feed system, designed to drain the ink back into the reservoir by capillary action when the pen was kept upright. This invention made Parker a major player among the producers of fountain pens.
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Parker 51 Mk.2 Full Size Aerometric Vintage Fountain Pen in Dark Burgundy with Rolled Gold Cap. c.1950

Parker 180 Vintage Fountain Pen in Jasper Red Quartz Lacquer on Brass. France c.1982

Parker 61 Mk. III Insignia Vintage Fountain Pen. Rolled Gold Cap and Barrel. 14C Broad Nib. c.1966.

Parker 51 Mk.2 Full Size Aerometric Vintage Fountain Pen in Dove Grey with Rolled Gold Cap. c.1950

Parker 51 Custom Vintage Fountain Pen in Teal with Rolled Gold Insignia Cap - England c.1968

Parker Duofold Senior 'Big Red' Lucky Curve Vintage Fountain Pen in Red Permanite. Canada c.1926


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