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Vintage Fountain Pens from Hepworth DixonVintage fountain pens available from Hepworth Dixon have all been restored to the highest standard. We restore most makes of fine vintage fountain pen, specialising in Montblanc, Pelikan and Conway Stewart.

Fountain pens available in this category were all produced in the first 70 years of the 20th Century. Our pens have been diligently and conservatively restored using traditional tools, materials and techniques. All restoration and service work is carried out in-house and comes with a full warranty

Why buy a Vintage fountain pen? 

Simply because they are beautiful writing instruments made of such high quality that would be uneconomical to produce nowadays. Some designs were extremely complex and ornate while others were very plain and simple.

Today there are many collectors from all over the world who enjoy this diversity of design and the pure pleasure of cursive writing with a fine vintage fountain pen. A restored fountain pen can quickly become a prized possession, and in most cases a shrewd investment.

"For people who appreciate writing instruments that are functional in design combined with elegance and charm, from a bygone era”.


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