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Sailor King of Pen Ebonite
In 1911, Mr. Kyugoro Sakata, an Engineer from Hiroshima, Japan, was introduced to the fountain pen when his long-time friend, a British sailor, demonstrated one to him. Mr. Sakata was so intrigued by the design and function of the pen he decided to begin a company to craft the finest writing instruments in the world. In honor of his British friend, he chose to name the company Sailor Pen.

He was determined to produce the most elegant and sophisticated writing instruments in the world. His passion was to make writing an alluring adventure, to expand Sailor's market to the world, as a sailor explores the world.

The Sailor Pen Company has proudly maintained this heritage of quality and technical perfection over the years. Still today, it offers the customer a unique variety of writing instruments that enhance the pleasures of the writing experience.

Limited Edition Sailor Kaga Maki-e 1911 Fountain Pen - Chou Butterfly by Kosen Ohshita. Japan 2014

Sailor Kaga Maki-e 1911 Fountain Pen - 'Momiji' Autumn Leaves (Japanese Maple) by Kosen Ohshita. Japan 2014

Sailor Kanazawa-Kaga Maki-e Kinsai Gold Series Hagi-ni-Cho Bush Clover and Butterfly Fountain Pen

Sailor King of Pen Black Ebonite Fountain Pen with Gold trim and 21K Broad Nib - 2015

Sailor Profit 1911 Large Series Fountain Pen in Gloss Black - New


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