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Conway Stewart

Conway Stewart was founded in London, England in 1905 by Mr. Frank Jarvis and Mr. Thomas Garner. The founders aim was to produce elegant, timelessly beautiful, yet functional writing instruments - a principle that Conway Stewart holds true to this day. Conway Stewart pens have been prized for their high quality craftsmanship for over 100 years. Sadly in September 2014 the company went into administration.
Conway Stewart Limited and Special Fountain Pens Currently Available .............

Conway Stewart Limited Edition 'Wellington' in Classic Green Marble Fountain Pen - England 2008

Conway Stewart Limited Edition 'Bicentennial of the Battle of Trafalgar' in Blue Stardust Acrylic - England 2005

Conway Stewart Limited Edition 'Duro' Classic Black Fountain Pen - 18C Gold Nib - England 2003

Conway Stewart Limited Edition Kipling If Classic Black Fountain Pen - England 2009

Conway Stewart Limited Edition 'Dandy' Bronze Fountain Pen - 18C Gold Broad Nib - England 2015

Conway Stewart I00 Limited Edition Fountain Pen in Lava Pattern - 18ct Gold Medium Nib - c.2004


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